Livigno Skymarathon


Livigno Skymarathon 16 June 2018



The route of the Livigno Skymarathon can be found here. The distance will be approximately 34 km with 2,700 metres of climbing. The race takes place in wild surroundings on the border of Italy and Switzerland. The route contains sections on exposed mountain ridges, which will have ropes or chains for assistance as well as experienced mountain guides from the Guide Alpine and Soccorso Alpino societies. A substantial part of the route takes place at altitudes between 2,500 and 3,000 metres above sea level.

In the event of bad weather, the organisers reserve the right to amend the route in favour of a pre-determined emergency route. If this is the case, all athletes will be informed during the pre-race briefing.

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Friday 15 June

10.00 Race Office will be open (10-13, 14-19)

18.00 Presentation of elite athletes for the Livigno Skymarathon at via Plan (or at Plaza Plachéda in case of bad weather)

Saturday 16 June

07:00 Opening of the race office

08.00 The official start of the Livigno Skymarathon and Livigno Mini Skyrace at via Plan

10.00 Predicted arrival of the leading athletes in the Livigno Mini Skyrace. Initial presentation ceremony of the first three male and female athletes.

12.30 Predicted arrival of the leading athletes in the Livigno Skymarathon. Initial presentation ceremony of the first three male and female athletes.

19.00 Prize-giving ceremony in the arrival area

16.30 Event ends - Disco Party at Bivio club

* (in case of bad weather dinner and prize-giving ceremony will be at Plaza Plachéda)

Entries will open the 1st december 2017!


REGISTRATION (max 300 athletes)

Click here for registration

Directly at race office until one hour to the depart or via mail at

The entry fee includes: personalised start number with timing chip, technical gadget, start pack with local delicacies, showers, changing rooms.



The event is open to all male and female athletes aged 18 years or older on the day of the race. Entrants must fulfil one of the following criteria:

  • Be a member of the Italian Athletic Federation FIDAL (show membership card and medical certificate).

  • Be a member of one of the following associations: ACSI, AICS, ASI, CNS Libertas, CSAIN, CSEN, CSI, ENDAS, MSP Italia, UISP, US, ACLI, PGS (show membership card and medical certificate).

  • Possess a Mountain and Trail RunCard ( and a valid sports medicine certificate in accordance with art. 5 D.M. of 18.2.1982, issued by a sports physician and valid on the day of the race. If desired, the option to purchase a RunCard can be selected during the registration process and collected for an additional 10 euros on the day of the race. Foreign athletes may require this step.

  • Be registered with the ISF (International Skyrunning Federation).

    Be a member of a foreign athletics federation that is recognised by the IAAF (show membership card when collecting race number).



For all runners that do not reside in Italy, it is necessary to present a valid medical certificate to the organisers. The form can be downloaded here



The race direction reserves the right to change and/or modify the race at any point, be it the route, start type, distance of the race, finish location etc. The race organiser may choose to suspend the race at any moment with the athletes’ safety and best interests at heart. In the case of cancellation prior to or during the event, entry fees will not be reimbursed.



Even if not explicitly indicated, the rules that apply to this event are the same as those specified by the ISF (International Skyrunning Federation) on the section entitled ‘About ISF – Rules’ on



Start numbers must be visible throughout the entirety of the competition.

All participants must be in possession of the following obligatory kit during the entirety of the competition:

- windproof jacket

- off-road trail running shoes

- Glass or container throughout the whole course. Given the high naturalistic importance of the competition, no plastic glasses will be distributed at the aid stations!

If an athlete is not in possession of the obligatory kit during the race, they will receive a time penalty of 10 minutes.

In the event of forecasted bad or inclement weather, the organisers reserve the right to extend the list of obligatory kit to potentially include the following items: gloves, hat, buff, long-sleeved thermal top, windproof trousers, mobile phone, thermal blanket, whistle.

Any additions to the obligatory kit list will be communicated a few days prior to the event via the event website and its social media channels.

All participants must abide by the following rules:

- Keep to the marked route.

- If a participant is outside of the allocated cut-off times, they are required to surrender their start number to an event official.

- If a participant chooses to retire during the race, they must inform the race marshals at the closest manned checkpoint and surrender their start number.


1. Checkpoint: Baitél de la Sascia, km 9,0 / 2:00 hours after the start.

2. Checkpoint: Malga Federia Km 21 / 5:30 hours after the start


Refreshments stations

Baitel del Cacciatore Km 4,7 (water)

Baitel de la Sascia Km 8,7 (water, iso, dehydrated fruit, chocolate, biscuits)

Cima Cassana Km 11,5 (water, iso, tea, dehydrated fruit, chocolate, biscuits)

Passo Cassana Km 15,5 (water, iso, cola, dehydrated & fresh fruit, chocolate, biscuits

Chesa da Fedaria Km 17,5 (water, iso, cola, tea, dehydrated & fresh fruit, chocolate, biscuits)

Lac Salin Km 19,5 (water, iso, cola, tea, dehydrated & fresh fruit, chocolate, biscuits)

Madònon Km 22 (tea, chocolate, dehydrated fruit)

Baitel dal Cantòn Km 25 (water, biscuits, dehydrated fruit)

Intermedio Cabinovia Carosello Km 27 (water, iso, cola, dehydrated & fresh fruit, chocolate, biscuits)


The athlete – fully aware of the responsibility for untruthful declarations – acknowledges and confirms that:

  1. he/she understands the technical nature and route of the race, and declares that he/she has the necessary competences to cross technical mountainous terrain, such as that in the Livigno Skymarathon, containing exposed sections with ropes and chains under the assistance of the event staff.

  2. The athlete confirms that he/she possess sufficient experience relevant to a skyrunning competition. The athlete confirms that he/she has taken part in similar events in the past.

  3. The athlete agrees that he/she has received the necessary guidance from the event organisers with regards to the potential dangers of the event due to its mountainous nature and potentially unavoidable natural dangers to all the participants.

  4. In the light of these declarations, the athlete expressly exonerates the organizers from all liability caused by negligence regarding any injury that the athlete sustains. 



Athletes are expected to respect the environment in which the event takes place. Littering (for example, bottles, cups, gels) is not permitted along the race route. Competitors not showing due respect for nature will be reported for misconduct and may be disqualified. The decision to disqualify or penalise a competitor will be made by an objective ad-hoc jury.



Free parking is available at il Mottolino (Via Bondi), Plaza Plachèda and Carosello 300 (Via Saròch 1098/A). Showers and changing rooms for the use of athletes will be located at the S. Maria school, in via da la Gesa 26, which is around 200m from the start and finish area.



16 June 2018


Livigno  (SO) - Lombardia


Adriano Greco


Cash prizes will be awarded to the first ten male and female athletes overall.


1) € 2000

2) € 1000

3) € 700

4) € 500

5) € 400

6) € 300

7) € 200

8) € 150 

9) € 100

10) € 100



1) € 2000

2) € 1000

3) € 700

4) € 500

5) € 400

6) € 300

7) € 200

8) € 150

9) € 100

10) € 100

Non-cash prizes will be awarded to the three first three male and female athletes in the following categories: V40-45, V50-55, and V60.

All prize money will be paid within 60 day by bank transfer

* In the event that, due to bad weather conditions or for reasons that may be considered dangerous for the athletes' safety, the organization is forced to change the original course on an alternative course and therefore shorter, the prizes will be halved.    



The results of the Livigno Skymarathon will be available online on the MY-SDAM website and on the event website after the culmination of the race.

Results 2017:






How to get there

How to get Livigno | Hotels

Livigno Skymarathon



They must be written, marked with the name of the complainant and with the pectoral number, on the line of arrival or shortly after the publication of the provisional results. A deposit of € 20 will be required to be refunded in case of acceptance of the complaint. Complaints can not be made within one hour of the publication of the provisional results. The decision is final by a majority decision of the jury. In the event of a dispute, the ISF representative's decision in accordance with ISF rules applies.



For athletes registered for the Livigno Outdoor Experience but are unable to participate in the event, the following applies:

Entry withdrawal before 18 May 2018: You will receive a refund of 20.00 €.

Entry withdrawal between 18 May 2018 and the day of the event: Entry fees are non-refundable.

Race start bags for athletes will not be sent or shipped prior to the event and therefore must be collected during the allotted time slots given in the schedule.



In order to run the Livigno Skymarathon event runners agree to give L’ASD Wine Trail permission and authorisation to use his/her images, photos and/or videos for marketing and promotional purposes of the event and/or region. Participants consent that any personal information and data collected during the registration process will be recorded and stored in strict confidence in the archives of the Organiser/Association. The stored data may exclusively be used for purposes relating to the event, in accordance with law n. 675/96 of 31.12.1996, art. 13 (Privacy Law). This data can be modified or deleted at any time.